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ABC of change

Posted on: May 9, 2015

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To spark and sustain change, change agents need to create:

  • Awareness
  • Buy-in
  • Commitment/Control

Awareness is the first step. Stakeholders need to be aware of the issues (problem definition) and possible ways to deal with them (problem solving). If they do not know, they do not have to care.

Buy-in is a state of mind. It builds on the awareness of “I know” and create states of “I believe in…” and “I want to…”. It is an indication of how much people care about an issue.

Commitment and control are action-oriented. They are indicators of ownership of both the problems and solutions by various stakeholders. Achieving this steady state is critical if the change is to live beyond and without the person who started it.

I have observed some leaders of change start with awareness and stop at buy-in. They imply ownership but do not always create that condition.

Decentralized ownership is the most difficult condition to create. But it is also the element that sustains change and evolves with the circumstances.

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Jason Yai: RT @ashley: Managing change in education is as *difficult* as ABC #edsg via


yainping: RT @ashley: .@yainping Learn from schs that have tread that path. Awareness, buy-in, ownership are key issues… @hsiao_yun #edsg via


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