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Showing the unGoogleable

Posted on: April 18, 2015

Yesterday I started sharing how one might assess the unGoogleable.

Today I share another idea. Since it is the weekend, it is time for something light yet serious. Seriously cool and for serious consideration.

It is not about what you claim you can do. It is not just how well you perform on tests.

It is about what you can actually do. It is about how you can combine knowledge and skills that schools still offer in separate silos and make your own sense of them.

It is about making your own connections and putting your own take on things.

Video source

It is about pursuing your passions and working on what you are good at so that you become better. It is about sharing what is special and creative about you to the world around you.

It is about leveraging on current and emerging technologies to tell your parents, teachers, and employers what you are learning and what you can do.

It is about showing the unGoogleable and letting others decide what your wares are worth.

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