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Kids don’t have short attention spans

Posted on: April 15, 2015

Kids only seem to have “short attention spans” when adults give them work that they do not want to do. Such work is boring or not meaningful.

Photo of my son gaming in 2010. I used this photo in a TEDx talk in 2011 to spread the word on game-based learning.

These are probably the same adults who observe the same kids being able to focus on video games or stay engaged in YouTube videos they are watching or creating. Except now the kids are “addicted”.

It is the adults who need to take a critical look at themselves. It does not take long, but it can be painful to admit and change.

That is why I am keeping this entry short. For the adult who cannot pay attention or chooses not to.

Plus Cathy Davidson has already written more articulately what I also know:

we measure our kids’ deficits by our glowing and often inflated idea of how much better “we” (our entire generation, of course) were. This is not really a discussion about the biology of attention; it is about the sociology of change.

It is not a long read and well worth your attention.


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Stuart Taylor: Yay! So agree “@ashley: Kids don’t have short attention spans


Dr Ashley Tan: .@ShareLearning Hope your trip to SG was a productive one. Which schools did you manage to visit? via


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