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My takeaway from & give back to #educampsg

Posted on: April 4, 2015

After I present ideas that are old to me but new to an audience, I normally gain a new perspective when I have discussions and answer questions. I get to strengthen the pillars that hold good ideas up, remove weak structures, or test the ones I am not certain of.

My rehashed presentation of Righting the Wrong Flipping Ideas at the recent reboot of #educampsg was one such opportunity. I used the same slides but told the Plan B story that I opted not to use in London.

A result of trying something different was questions, comments, and other follow up that I did not get when I presented in London. Despite an active backchannel and an audience of almost 800 in London, I was provoked to think more about righting the wrongs of flipping by my audience of about 20 at #educampsg. I attribute this to a better informed audience and a more intimate group.

As a result of this, I am going to revisit my reflections on flipped learning over the next week. Since I am conducting a Flipped Primer workshop in another school next week, these blog entries can also be a fresh reference.

This is how I plan on giving back this week to those who generously asked questions and offered their views:

I might move things about a bit, combine ideas, leave them out, or interrupt the flow with something more current. But at least I have a plan.

10 Responses to "My takeaway from & give back to #educampsg"

CHAN Hsiao-yun 曾曉韻: RT @ashley: My takeaway from & give back to #educampsg via


Awesome. Always a pleasure learning from you. Do share how students can create content easily. Many teacher, myself included, think that content create is all about creating videos, which takes up an enormous amounts of time. But in actual fact, doing a short reflection is also a way of creating content.


My focus this week will not be on that aspect of what and how of content creation. I find that it is better explored by teachers individually based on their context or collectively in workshops driven by need.

I also find that it is much more effective to for me to demonstrate and for teachers to immersively experience small scale content creation. When I do these in workshops or seminars, the experience connects cognitively, physically, and even affectively. Teachers also share their ideas and the takeaways are greater as a result of sharing on that platform.

All that said, I have shared some ideas with you via Twitter before and my reflections this week might reveal little nuggets of what and how everywhere. Stay tuned!


Kent Chambers: RT @ashley: I shared some thoughts on flipped learning with #educampsg & now I share them freely with #nt2t via


Jena Ball: RT @ashley: I shared some thoughts on flipped learning with #educampsg & now I share them freely with #nt2t via


CHAN Hsiao-yun 曾曉韻: RT @ashley: I shared some thoughts on flipped learning with #educampsg & now I share them freely with #nt2t via


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