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A lesson on educational leadership

Posted on: March 30, 2015

It has been a week since the passing of Singapore’s founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

I highlight several education-focused tweets from ST’s coverage of the special parliamentary session on 26 Mar 2015. Then I highlight a practice that school leaders can learn from.

From Ms Sim Ann:

From Ms Chia Yong Yong:

From Christopher de Souza:

Good leadership is effective change while you are in power.

Great leadership is effecting change by empowering. This means leaving behind a legacy in the form of good people who continue good work.

There is no big secret to doing something like this.

I took a leaf from Mr Lee’s book when I was Head of the Centre for e-Learning by having weekly lunches with my teams [1] [2].

Succession planning is something leaders talk about. I wonder how many actually do something concrete about it. Having discussions over a meal is not difficult to do.

I recycle a quote I heard while at a conference in Riyadh a few years ago: If you want to talk, let’s take a walk. If you want to eat, let’s take a seat.

People learn more when they are relaxed and informal. A lunch can be littered with lightness and laughter. Leaders could leverage on that. They might learn something about their staff and/or leave an indelible mark on them over time.

2 Responses to "A lesson on educational leadership"

When I read about Mr Lee’s lunch time chats with his staff, I immediately thought about you Dr Ashley. Thank you for taking the time.


Yes, those were good and fun times!


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