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It’s not over!

Posted on: March 21, 2015

I was recently part of an edtech event and the organizers were prompt enough to share event photos by the next day. I appreciate this because it shows a sense of urgency and pride.

However, one of the photos made me pause for thought. The organizing committee posed with a sign that said “IT’S OVER”. (I am using a different image below to illustrate.)

On one hand I can relate to the relief of a job well done. I have planned and organized events like these after all.

On the other, I wonder if it revealed a mindset. I view events like the one I attended to be the start of conversations or journeys, so declaring that “IT’S OVER” seemed premature.

Another latent mindset could be that running such an event was unpleasant, hence the relief that “IT’S OVER”. This is like a child coming home at the end of the school day and heaving relief that “IT’S OVER”.
I say this not to slight the organizers of the event. The hard work and thoughtfulness was evident as were the sacrifices all participants made to attend during the school vacation.

But we should all be aware that lessons and messages are not just TAUGHT, they are also CAUGHT. Learning is not over even if the fat lady sings and you do not want to send that message at the end of an event.

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