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Rules worth breaking

Posted on: March 20, 2015

The rules are changing or breaking. One reason for this is that some exceptions are becoming the rules.

For example, countries we might label first world attract immigrants wanting a better quality of life. These immigrants form a minority of the population. But when all the minorities are combined, they start to rival the original majority citizens:

  • About 30% of the Singapore population are not citizens or permanent residents (page 3 of this PDF)
  • 85% of the population in Dubai are foreigners (unofficial source)
  • The USA has coined the term majority-minority

As the minority become the majority they start to make the rules. Alternatively, as the diverse needs of the minority become obvious, older and restrictive practices give way to new and more accommodating ones.

The rules in schools are breaking too. Rules like:

  • learning in only one place and at one pace
  • you must listen to your teacher
  • you must buy these textbooks
  • you must pay high fees
  • good grades guarantee good jobs or salaries

These rules are worth changing or breaking because they do not put the learner first and foremost. This is the individual learner who has his/her unique talent and needs, and is the minority of one. But there are millions of such minority members.

The good thing is that we live in such an exciting time because the majority-minority can learn to take control of their education.

We can uphold outdated rules or we can help break them. If we are to help our learners, we should do the latter.

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