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Thinking outside the Google Form box

Posted on: March 16, 2015

Today I present at the SST Tech Summit. It might seem like a technical session, but it is actually about creating readiness, retentiveness, and reflectiveness.

My Google Slides are at

I described my 45-minute session as a pedagogical-technical one even as the summit focuses on Google Apps. My research and experience remind me that the pedagogy must lead and guide the technology.

It is easy to know HOW create a Google Form and even know WHAT questions to ask but not know WHY. It is just as easy to keep using forms for exactly the same thing, i.e., collecting information.

Google Forms are also good for priming both the teacher and the learner. The teacher can gain insights into the learners and find out their readiness or prior knowledge. If a teacher prepares a media-and-URL-rich form, the form serves to activate schema and can be an advance organizer for learning.

When used for quizzes BEFORE content delivery, teachers can create environments for emphasizing the WHY of learning and just-in-time instruction. This is a variant of assessment AS learning.

Google Forms do not offer these functions out of the box. It is up to an educator to shape these opportunities based on his or her pedagogical prowess.

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CHAN Hsiao-yun 曾曉韻: RT @ashley: My presentation at SST is on now & freely available… #edsg via


Kwan Tuck Soon: RT @ashley: My presentation at SST is on now & freely available… #edsg via


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