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New Twitter spam

Posted on: March 14, 2015

If spam (the meat) is unhealthy and spam (messages) is unwanted, then what I am about to describe about Twitter might be considered spam.

Lately I have noticed two insidious forms of Twitter spam.

The first involves followers. I am not referring to fake or bot followers as those have been around for a while. I am referring to people who add my handle to their list of “myfollowers” or something similar.

I have no idea who these people are and we share no common interest. My guess is that they are trying to lure my followers over or to ride some Twitter algorithm to their advantage.

The second sneaky spam might be automatic favouriting and retweeting by Twitter bots. Not all bots are bad. Some send timely reminders of regular tweet chats or curate tweets by topic. But there are some bot or semi-bot accounts that seem to favourite and retweet my tweets seemingly at random.

In the larger scheme of things, such behaviour is rare and does not yet appear to be malicious. However, if Twitter is about having meaningful conversations, then such auto-bot (no Transformers jokes, please) accounts are on my do-not-enable list.

My reaction to these new forms of spam is to block them. I might not gain as many followers, but better quality than quantity.

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Ash Wellington-Fahey: @ashley I’m personally just following you in case you decide you want to forego your username 🙊 (and I like education). via


[…] New Twitter spam […]


[…] New Twitter spam […]


[…] New Twitter spam […]


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