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Get help or make help

Posted on: March 10, 2015

Two people wrote in to the STforum to highlight the importance of kids getting enough sleep before school the next day.

Both made very broad claims without citing much evidence, but both had the same desirable goal in mind: Find ways to increase sleep time to the optimum.

The first writer suggested what people in the past have done, i.e., MOE and schools push back the start times of schools.

The second writer suggested that parents maintain an early bedtime routine for their kids whatever the circumstances.

The first suggestion puts the implementation of possible solutions in someone else’s hands; the second is at attempt to create parental buy-in and ownership of the problem and solution. The first will take a long time to implement and it is top-down; the second is more immediate and ground-up.

The first writer’s approach is a symptom of the overall problem our environment has created: We expect others to take action instead of doing what we can. The second writer is part of a minority who take matters into their own hands instead of waiting for others to move.

A problem might seem too complex to solve on our own. But that does not mean that the solutions are out of our reach. We can try to get help or to make our own help. Always asking for help can create learnt helplessness; making our own help nurtures resilience.


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