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What can we do?

Posted on: March 7, 2015

This reflection is a breadcrumb on the trail leading to my thoughts on the Pedagogy of Empathy.

It was heartbreaking to watch this video on how albino Tanzanians were maimed and killed. They were targetted because of the superstition that they had supernatural powers.

Video source

When you learn of such an atrocity, you might ask yourself: What can we do?

Realistically, nothing immediately and directly. The context may be far removed from our own, we might not sympathize, or we have other priorities.

However, an educator might leverage on videos like this to create a longer term and indirect impact. An educator can use such videos as a springboard for creating awareness, exercising critical thinking, and countering apathy.

If you can get your hands dirty, do it. If you cannot, do not simply throw your hands in the air. Find another way to help by nurturing empathic learners.

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