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Not being dismissive

Posted on: March 6, 2015

If some people are dismissive of the quality of YouTube videos, what would they say about Vine videos?

If you asked kids and showed them the quality of Zach King’s video loops, there would be no negativity.

Video source

For every Zach King vine, there are even more pointless ones. The same could be said of YouTube videos and TV programmes. Ditto that if you travel back in the media timeline for radio, magazines, and books.

If we are willing to listen, history tells us every generation has party-poopers that pooh-pooh the next big thing.

Take this wonderful timeline of The Fear of the New for instance. The illustration is not new, but its message is timeless. We should heed its message if we are to educate for the now and future instead of teaching only for the past.

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