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#edsg is three!

Posted on: February 23, 2015

This announcement is about a week late, but better late than never!

#edsg is not just a Twitter hashtag shared by an assortment of stakeholders. #edsg is an online community whose official birthday is 15 Feb 2012.

We were formed the year before, but we did not document it or tie it to a particular event. I guess you could say that we got our birth certificate a bit late. That might explain why we look a bit older than we claim!

Here is some of its motley crew in a more recent photo.

#edsg broke the sequence of forming, storming, and norming. It was formed online and was normed offline with tweetups. But we are still storming like any modern community. Membership is loose and not worn like a badge. It is utilitarian.

Not many of such online communities can say they have a staying power of three years. But like practically all communities that persist, we do so thanks to a core group.

We do not yet know what we will become when we grow up, but that does not matter. We have a lot more exploring and learning to do.

As we look forward, it is important to look back so that we do not walk into the mistakes of the past. Here is a selection of my musings on #edsg:

If you are not a member of #edsg, join us!

If you are, pour yourself a drink, pat yourself on your back, and toast to the good health of #edsg. Yam seng! Now get off your butt and share something with #edsg!

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23 Responses to "#edsg is three!"

Brett Salakas: @ashley is it a pandan cake??? Haven’t had one of those in a while??? #AsiaED #edsg via


Dr Ashley Tan: @MRsalakas On behalf of #edsg, thank you. Have an e-cake 🍰 on us! via


Ben Dickson: @ashley congrats. shows success of grassroots connections & staying power of this media via


Dr Ashley Tan: @BDicksonNV Thanks. All of it depends on dedicated folk who ride the ebb & flow of the community #NT2t #edsg via


Julie Szaj: @ashley Fantastic Ashley! Congrats to all of you. We need to get more edus connected with all of you. #NT2t #edsg via


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