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What are kids taught?

Posted on: February 21, 2015

What do kids already know? How do they know?

Video source

I watched the video featured in the Kids React video with my family at dinner a few weeks prior.

They were wonderful opportunities to react initially and react again. Now I reflect on both reactions.

At first the cynic in me wondered if the original video was staged. It was certainly edited to deliver a clear message, but I think that the reactions of the kids were real. Children are honest that way.

We provide the environments, influences, and lessons, all by design or by accident, that teach them to lie, or in the case of the video, to be violent or kind.

I asked my son if he had lessons in school like the original video or the Kids React video. He replied that he did not.

I reflected on two things: The pedagogical ingredients of a values-based education and the design of videos to support this.

A values-laden schooling and education should be led and fed with videos like these. They not only serve as food for thought, they are also fodder for critical thinking and reflection.

Such videos are also designed to speak to you without preaching to your face. Instead they draw ideas and principles out from you.

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