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Social media experiment continues

Posted on: February 15, 2015

This time last year I shared details of my 2014 social media experiment.

Back then I stopped cross-posting to Facebook and started doing so on Google+. I am continuing that this year.

I amplified my blog’s reach by auto-tweeting with Twitter Feed. I am continuing that too.

But the feed system breaks down every now and then. Twitter Feed goes bonkers a few times a year. Late last year the link to the WordPress feed system also broke. This has had a huge impact on my reach.

Through much of 2014, I had a few tweeps who would auto-retweet all my blog-related auto-tweets. They were in different parts of the world and had their own PLNs. When the link between WordPress and other feeds broke, the auto-retweets broke.

I opted not to ask those kind folk to reset the auto-retweets. I reasoned that it was their prerogative to keep retweeting or not. This was also an opportunity for me to carry my own weight. Or to throw it around as it were.

I reflect in my blog every day (this will be the eighth year I am doing this) and I limit myself to just one auto-tweet pointing back to each blog entry. I also compose other tweets between five to ten times a day and I have a reach of about 30,000 views each day. Assuming I tweet ten times a day, each tweet has 3,000 views a day on average.

But tweet views are notoriously volatile. Tweets have been described as fast-flowing streams; they are more like mist droplets made out of rapidly evaporating alcohol. This leads to a low click-through rate of 1 to 10%.

Social media marketers advise tweeting and publishing on peak days (Tue to Thu) and at optimum times (commutes, lunch time, after dinner). This means auto-retweeting several times a day to reach local and international audiences. This could also look like Twitter spam. I am going to try resisting that.

I have found that it is very difficult to predict what people enjoy reading. There are some obvious spikes (like my recent story of the grammar nazi vs the loan shark), but these are the low-hanging fruit.

I will focus on writing what I think is important or what strikes my fancy. Why? This blog is my reflective space. But I leave it open to others who might relate to or learn from what I am saying.

I have also found that writing daily keeps me and my ideas high up in Google searches. When I ask people how they found me or why they want to engage me in some work, most point to my online presence. That is reason enough for me to keep doing my social media experiment.

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