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Newish moves

Posted on: February 2, 2015

It has taken me a month into 2015 to change two things in my social media presence.

First, I have updated my Twitter profile. I used to mention that I was the Head of the Centre for e-Learning. Proud as I am of what I was and did, that is the past.

Now I merrily proclaim that:

I’m a child in an adult’s body wanting to show other adults how to educate with technology. Founding member of #edsg & member of TEDxSG Brain Trust.

This will invariably invite questions and comments both online and offline. It is also what I am and do.

Second, I am also doing something a bit different at my Presentations page. Not only am I providing some insights into why I designed a presentation a particular way, I intend to share some audience feedback if I have it.

I am not including all the feedback there though as doing this seems self-congratulatory. I will keep those as Twitter favourites, backchannel comments, or other feedback channel artefacts. Such encouragement serves as support for the glass stage on which speakers stand.

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