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Twitter follower bonus? Not!

Posted on: February 1, 2015

If your Twitter follower count doubled overnight, how would you feel? I was not happy with my first world problem. Let me tell you why.

Whenever I do a talk, seminar, or workshop, I share my social media details at the end to keep conversations going with folks who are interested.

I forgot to do this at BETT2015 but I still gained followers in two phases.

The first phase was when I promoted my session on Twitter with #bett2015 prior to the talk. Like-minded folk started following me and we exchanged thoughts.

I typically get more followers right after the talk by showing the connect-with-me slide. This did not happen as much since I forgot to show that slide.

But something unexpected happened the day after I returned to Singapore.

My follower count was around 1,100 before BETT2015. I had carefully curated who followed me to only include who I thought were legitimate educators or education providers. I have shared before how I cull fake followers.

Overnight my follower count doubled to just over 2,200. Most people would be happy, but I was not. The following had all the signs of purchased, fake followers. Most of their Twitter avatars were in egg state and many had zero followers and/or postings. I did not arrange for this to happen.

I decided to use Amit Agarwal’s script for identifying potential fakes. I followed his instructions and ended up with a Google Spreadsheet of 837 potential fakes.

There are other tools that help with the identification of fake Twitter followers. The ones I have tried before and Agarwal’s workaround require manual removal of fakers.

I cannot imagine removing the extra 1,100 individually and by hand. I would have to do this in addition to the 20 to 50 I remove daily.

Time to scour the Web for a more reasonable solution.

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