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London on a lark

Posted on: January 29, 2015

I bracketed my trip to BETT 2015 in London with some exploring of the city. But instead of planning an itinerary in great detail, I painted broad strokes and adjusted to the circumstances.

Today I share a story fueled by photos on Picasa. I had previously tweeted some photos and tagged only a few with #edsg so as not to spam the channel.

But there are some things that photos cannot capture. When Twitter eventually rolls its video feature out to me, I will share a few timelapse videos there.

There was one thing I did not get around to tweeting because the phone signal cut out on me. I had intended to tweet: Very little English in England, particularly on public transport. London reminded me of New York City in this respect, as did the punishing stairs and honest griminess of train stations.

This trip was like a lark flying reconnaissance. I hope to return, this time with family in tow, to explore some more.

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