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Reflecting on #Bett2015 (Part 1)

Posted on: January 26, 2015

I have several takeaways and positive memories from Bett 2015. I will share them in a few parts.

As in the norm now, this conference was an opportunity for me to reconnect with folks I have met before (like @timbuckteeth above) or with folks that I have only seen online.

It was frightening to hear of the challenges my higher education peers faced in their contexts, but I also celebrated their resilience and successes.

It was equally frightening to see the number of educational technology vendors who have learnt to use phrases that appeal to educators, even if a few of them had their hearts in the right place. While was thrilling to see the efforts happening in other parts of the world and to get offers to collaborate, I wonder how many will keep their promises.

I predict that the “conference syndrome” will repeat itself for most participants. They will be energized and inspired by the vendors and speakers they chose to listen to. But that will peter out in the weeks and months to come if they do not actually make the effort to keep those connections alive and to make change.

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