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Shaken, not stirred?

Posted on: January 24, 2015

Most organizations are concerned about their public image. Some go on PR offensives whether to keep their good name up or to counteract negative publicity.

Most take a traditional approach that might come across as formulaic, bland, or even offensive given rapidly changing cultural norms. Nothing is more off-putting than being reached out to by someone who does not understand you.

Then there are organizations that leverage on the right formula whether by design or by accident.

Take this dash cam video of a police officer lip-syncing to Shake It Off by Taylor Swift for example.

Video source

It has gone viral even though it is does not have high production value. But it connects because it is human. When you learn that the cop tuned in to the song because he has a 10-year-old daughter, the connection only gets better.

Video source

Musical maestro, Chilly Gonzalez, offered his analysis on why the song was so catchy. The structure and repetition might play at a subconscious level to hook the listener.

It is not enough to attempt to do something different or to shake things up if it does not stir your target audience. If a process works, it can probably be deconstructed by critical reflection and research to figure out what makes it tick. The same could be said for something that does not work.

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