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Making a statement or making a difference?

Posted on: January 18, 2015

The whole world seems to be talking about the Charlie Hebdo tragedy.

Through their actions, terrorists make spectacular statements that make most sit up and notice. But, for the most part, the terrorists are not making the difference they want. They have got the world’s attention, but if the mass rally against such violence was any indication, they strengthened the resolve against terrorism.

Making a statement is relatively easy. Celebrities donned or carried Je Suis Charlie paraphernalia at the recent Golden Globes ceremony. I wonder how many would actually want to be Charlie. Did any claim a more worthy cause, Je Suis Ahmed?

It might take courage to stand up and make a rhetorical statement, but the hard work is putting your money where your mouth is.

Making a difference is taking action. That applies whether it is on a grand scale or a local one.

This week I travel to London to deliver a short talk at the Bett conference. I am going to make statements on what I think is wrong with some mindsets of flipping classrooms. I have asked myself if I am going to make a difference.

I am making the effort to fly to another country to spend a message. Some people will agree with what I say and a few will take action. But is that difference enough?

I remind myself that I left a very cushy job as a university faculty member last year to try the VUCA world of educational consulting. I wanted to say yes to the individuals and agencies that asked me, “Can you help us to…?”

It is still way too early to tell, but I am going to keep trying to make a difference.

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