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Surveying to prime instructor and learners

Posted on: January 9, 2015

One of my pre-workshop habits is to survey teacher-participants with Google Forms. I do this with two latent intents.

The first is modelling for teachers how to use the forms to collect prior knowledge, questions, and expectations of learners.


The other is something I started doing only recently. I asked participants if they were familiar with two concepts and provided visual representations of them.

The purpose of doing this was not just to find out if my learners knew about the concepts. It was also to prime them for the workshop, and for the highly motivated, to spark self-directed learning.

While I show and discuss the results with my participants, I have not built in a “rise above” component in the workshops to make them aware of the design and purpose of such survey forms.

Such a component would be very useful in a series of design thinking workshops so that educators apply educational theory as they problem find and problem solve.

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