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One size does NOT fit all

Posted on: January 4, 2015

Video source

It should not take a BuzzFeed video to reinforce why one size does not fit all. But the illustration with women’s clothing is apt.

We already know one size does not fit all. The women go through the motions to collectively make this statement.

One size does not fit all in schools too. Our kids and teachers go through the motions to illustrate that every day.

Why do we do not question the one-size-fits-all practice in schools?

The discomfort and ill-fit of clothes is immediate and the women are vocal about the problem. The same cannot be said about schools. Most children do not articulate their discomfort and the ill-fit because the effects are slow and do not know how or why to voice their concerns.

I hope that 2015 sees more educators and administrators carefully observing and listening to their students. A video on ill-fitting clothes is funny. Schooling that does not educate learners to find their own way is not.

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