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A special #edsg project in 2015

Posted on: January 3, 2015

Group photo courtesy of @rachelhtan

Photo courtesy of @rachelhtan

A small group of #edsg regulars got together over the last quarter of 2014 to devise an online experiment for 2015. We call it our Thematic Tweets project.

This is my contribution:

We are doing this to market #edsg, to draw lurkers out into participating, and to create greater ownership of topics we might discuss.

I am doing this as a founding member of #edsg because I predict its demise. I have written about why some teachers do not tweet, and there is widespread documentation online about how Twitter is failing to recruit and then retain users.

That said, there are very passionate educators who participate in regional or international hashtagged tweet chats, often on a weekly basis. However, even a cursory content analysis might reveal limited social interaction. Audrey Watters wondered out loud if Twitter was the best option for online professional development. I have critiqued the processes and the pedagogy of Twitter chats.

What should be chats become proclamations. Where there should be interactions there are rhetorical projections. We want to avoid that in #edsg.

I still worry that #edsg as a community is on its last legs. Regulars leave, lurkers refuse to contribute, and trolls or spambots disrupt. Without the injection of fresh DNA and ideas, and the commitment of players to keep going, we might be the last of the Mohicans or the remaining white rhinos in a zoo.

I do not know if we will be successful with our project. I predict we will know by mid-2015 at the earliest or the end of the year at the most logical.

We will not know until we try, so try we will.

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