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Kindness before smartness

Posted on: January 2, 2015

Singapore has put into action plans to create a Smart Nation. Most of the experiments will centre around the Jurong Lake District.

Citizens have been writing in to the newspaper forum and an editor has written about smartness not being just about the technology.

I can relate. After all, what good is being technologically connected if we are not socially connected or if there is no social good?

Video source

Videos like the one above help people see what the Smart Nation might look like and what the future might bring. They are wonderful ideas, but they focus on how meaningfully integrated technologies help us.

How about helping others or helping those who cannot help themselves? Consider this scheme in the USA to help kids on the wrong side of the divide get Internet access.

There is surely room and provision in the Smart Nation Plan for such initiatives. A news article hinted at how the plan might help the elderly. But I am also referring to the poor, needy, infirm, disabled, or otherwise disadvantaged.

There is no point being smart without being kind first. That is like placing a premium on IQ and ignoring EQ. That is not a very smart thing to do in the long term.

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