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2014 in review

Posted on: December 31, 2014

Is there a social or “new” media platform that does not offer year-end reviews?

YouTube has its now traditional rewind video.

Video source

I avoid Facebook but another YouTube video informed me of personalized 2014 reviews there that did not fare too well.

Video source

Google+ Photos autoselected photos that were supposed to represent my year in a slideshow. The algorithm seemed to select only photos with people and were the least representative in my opinion. They can cite data all they want; they do not represent emotion.

Not to be outdone, WordPress informed me that I missed just three days this year in reflections. I was very ill for a period in August.

My five most read entries for the year were a mix of old and new:

The top five referral sites to my blog were Twitter,, Facebook, Google+, and NIE.

My blog attracted readers from 145 countries with the top three being Singapore, the USA, and Australia.

So now what?

I started this blog in 2008 and grew to blog daily whether or not anyone was reading. I developed this habit when I blogged on behalf of my then unborn son in 2003.

Video source

I plan on keeping that habit up just like the way the guy in the video took a photo of himself every day for 12 years.

I wonder if I can replicate that stare in writing…

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