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Painting a story

Posted on: December 30, 2014

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Jon Cozart, aka Paint, is a huge talent who started making videos when he was in 7th grade. That would mean he was about 13 when he started. He is 21 now so that means that he has been at it for eight years.

His YouTube videos exploded only relatively recently. People might talk about a meteoric rise if they are not aware of the time he took to hone his craft.

Cozart shared that his videos were not instantly popular. He attributed their newfound popularity to something he learnt over time. He learnt to tell stories.

Last week I tweeted:

Karl Kapp summarized research that revealed how narrative presentations were more memorable than expository ones.

Educators should be designing lessons more like stories and be telling meaningful stories. Stories are more engaging and they are more likely to remembered.

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