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A problem with assumptions

Posted on: December 21, 2014

The tweet I embedded below assumes that we read in a fixed way. This could be with an immobile screen or the need to read from left to right.

When I came across that tweet I was using a mobile device and merely had to tilt the device instead of my head.

If I wanted to I could have also just read it without cocking my head to one side. Growing up left-handed made me assume I had to help myself or just do things differently. My assumption was safer than the tweeter’s one.

This is not an attempt to bash the tweet. It is a warning to modern teachers not to make assumptions about their learners and to create lessons based on those assumptions.

You might prepare something for the desktop environment, but your students are mobile-ready. You might want to deliver something you think your students cannot do, but they might already be past that, know how to go around it, or not need it at all.

The is the biggest assumption and mistake you can make: When you teach, other people react the way you expect and actually learn. They do not.

A good teacher can minimize the assumptions and mistakes. A great one has made them all, learnt from them, and stops assuming.

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