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Survey on flipped video pedagogy workshop #edsg

Posted on: December 18, 2014


I am planning on offering free workshops for Singapore educators on Fridays in February 2015. If all goes to according to plan, the workshops will be sponsored by and hosted at Google, Singapore.

Depending on demand and funding, there might be anywhere between one to three sessions. I am planning for 15-20 educators to attend each session. The sessions are likely to be similar, but might be tweaked for improvements. Each session will last about three hours.

The workshops will focus on the designing of flipped learning with videos. The two main learning gains are pedagogical and technical in nature.

That is all I can share for now. I need to get information from potential participants. Please complete this 12-question survey by 11.59pm, Sunday, 21 Dec 2014.

The first seven questions are about the workshop, the next two questions are about a conference and an unconference in Singapore (both with foci on flipping), and the last three collect demographic information.

In question 3, I ask if participants would like a “fixed menu” or a “buffet” of learning options. Both will have flipped components, but the fixed menu will have fewer options which will be determined by other questions in the survey. The buffet will provide a larger variety of resources, but this will require much more independent work.

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