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Why “merry” or “marry” matters

Posted on: December 17, 2014

mrbrown shared this photo (which was shared in a HWZ forum).

Does it matter that an “e” was replaced with an “a” to turn “merry” into “marry”?

Some might say that it was a forgivable oversight since most would understand that the banner was a festive wish and not an exhortation to tie the knot.

But a public banner is not a tweet limited by character count or bound by more liberal (mis)spelling rules and its own set of abbreviations.

A banner, be it from a political party or child care centre, is subject to public scrutiny. It is no wonder that it got the reception it did online. The banner has since been removed, but not without the costs financial and reputational.

A technology-assisted spellcheck would not have detected “marry” as an error since the word is legitimate. But the fact that the spelling error was not detected should still be a cause for worry.

It matters that there was insufficient proofreading or a lack of pride in work that allowed the mistake to see the light of day. It matters that there was so little ownership of the work that the mistake was not spotted and corrected along the production line.

Prepared traditionally, the banner production line might be several people long. With today’s technology, the production line might consist of just one person. The technology can make the process more efficient, but it cannot make the people care.

2 Responses to "Why “merry” or “marry” matters"

Perhaps Christmas is Mr Chuan’s daughter? ;0)


That is a similar line to what the satirical blogfather of Singapore, mrbrown, alluded to.

What if it was a threat by Mr Lim? Someone had to marry his daughter, Christmas, and then only would constituents enjoy a happy new year. Bah, humbug!

Alas, it was just a very public grammatical gaffe.

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