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Designed to draw views

Posted on: December 11, 2014

A headline or title like ‘Chalk and talk’ teaching might be the best way after all is designed to do a few things.

It attracts views.

It draws the conservative nay-sayers and entrenches them.

It ignores how the measures of learning and effectiveness often favour chalk and talk.

For some, the narrative is seductive because it sounds reasonable and even balanced towards the end (if you even read to that point).

But for me, the article sounds like fingernails slowly being drawn across a blackboard. One should never get used to that sound nor should one ignore it because it becomes common.

Such an article ignores developments in educational research and practice that reveal the inferiority of chalk and talk. They pull us back into the cocoon from which we have emerged and are supposed to develop away from.

Such an article places teaching above learning and the teacher above the learner. Even if an educator is not research literate, I wonder how s/he can look groups of students everyday in the face, see the obvious boredom or worry, and not want to do something about it.

Do something about it. At the very least, stop nodding in agreement with articles that support chalk and talk. Change. Step out of your comfort zone and into the learning zone.

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