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Schooling revolution?

Posted on: December 5, 2014

We already have a schooling revolution. But not as in a major change or a real paradigm shift. The revolution we have is more like the way we go around in large circles.

Video source

The video above highlights how every major change in technology has heralded changes in schooling that did not materialize. One reason we do not realize that we are covering the same ground or walking in circles is because we do not learn from history.

We have constant suggestions of “change” or “disruptions” because people focus only on the affordances of technology and on how to teach.

If we change the medium but not the message, little will change.

If measures for success or effectiveness are limited to tests, little will change.

If we keep teaching subjects in separate silos, little will change.

If we insist that kids that only consume in artificial bubbles or create for audiences of one, little will change.

If we keep making excuses about adult problems that are embedded in the past instead of focusing on what kids need today and tomorrow, little will change.

We already have a schooling revolution and it is time to stop retracing our steps. To do this, we must focus on how people learn and change how we evaluate that learning.

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