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My workshops wishlist

Posted on: November 25, 2014

A while ago I wondered out loud about offering teachers a series of professional development workshops on The Pedagogy of Questions.

I have since extended my list of potential workshops by three:

  • The Harm of Homework
  • The Myths of Learning Styles
  • The Problems With Current Curriculum Designs

All three will seem counterintuitive because they challenge established practice. All three are based on emerging research and progressive practice.

Each workshop would follow a similar pattern: Bring hidden problems to the surface, suggest well-informed solutions, and roadmap real change in schools.

I call the problems hidden because teachers and school leaders might not realize that there are problems or wrong mindsets to correct. Most teachers accept homework as a given, blindly believe in learning styles, and accept current curricula as gospel truth.

When the scales have fallen from their eyes, they will invariably seek solutions and alternatives. They cannot heal old wounds or fill gaps with snake oil. The solutions must be based on rigorous research, critical comment by thought leaders, and reflections of progressive practitioners.

Identifying problems and finding solutions are not enough. There must be a concerted plan to change and sustain those efforts.

Side note: I will be away on family vacation soon, but I am scheduling blog entries so that faithful readers have something to chew over while my mind and body wander elsewhere.

2 Responses to "My workshops wishlist"

I’d like to read some more on why the learning styles stuff is a myth. Can you point me to something worth reading? Thanks 😉


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