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Types of Twitter spam in #edsg

Posted on: November 13, 2014

As a Twitter resident, I have seen some new folk move in and change the environment but not for the better. These are the spammers.

The first group of spammers is often transient. In the case of #edsg, the spammers have human drivers who tout their conferences, products, and services. They are easy to report, block, or ignore. But they do damage by sucking in the naive with their wares.

The second group of spammers are bot-driven. These are accounts that post “listening to an intense conversation” posts that are tagged #edsg. There are also porn spam bots that invite you to “come see me”.

The first type of spam bots seem to have legitimate profiles. But a cursory examination of their postings will reveal a consistently inconsistent pattern. The posts are about everything and nothing in particular.

The second type of spam bot lead to dubious websites. The profiles are of “clothing-challenged” women and might be written with Cyrillic characters.

The third group of spammers that might hit #edsg are bot or zombie accounts. They look like the intense conversation bots but ask a legitimate question instead. For example, several tweets inquiring about the origin of “digital tattoos” have surfaced at #asiaED.

Spam in extreme moderation in meals might be acceptable. But Twitter spam irritates the regulars and dissuades the newbies.

With Twitter facing lower recruitment and replacement numbers, it is time they take this social problem seriously.

The reporting mechanism seems to be better tuned in Twitter clients and Twitter creates anti-spam bot code on the fly. If all that fails, we have crowdsourced spam and bot blocking.

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