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Unkilling creativity zombies

Posted on: November 8, 2014

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Jennifer Magiera told a passionate and inspiring story at a recent TEDx talk.

Inspired by Sir Ken Robinson’s talks, she opted to release her students from the shackles of schooling and bring back their inner creative child.

When she gave them time and space to explore, they did nothing productive and instead asked for guidance and crutches. Magiera realized that she had created “rubric zombies”.

But she persisted and suggested four ways to revive the undead:

  1. Cultivate natural curiosity
  2. Outwit obstacles (see past problems)
  3. Play purposefully (being driven by student interests)
  4. Empower students and give them voice

Do yourself and your kids (actual kids and students) a favour. Delay the watching of the next episode of The Walking Dead and invest 18 minutes to remind yourself about what really matters.

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