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What grinds my gears

Posted on: October 9, 2014


TNW offered an insightful article about how a social media manager might spend their time doing the work they do. In their bid to beautify the article, someone decided that a graphic was in order.

The graphic looks wonderful at first glance and provides information in bite-sized chunks. But if you take a second look, you might realize that the interconnected gears cannot actually move.

The graphic was meant to illustrate the richness of a social media manager’s work, something that few people understand as hard work. But the graphic also sends a subtle message that attempting to do one of the tasks grinds everything to a halt.

There is a parallel to how some teachers attempt to use technology.

If they focus on the superficial appearance of using technology (e.g., substituting traditional delivery with digital delivery), it might look good to them or non-critical adults observing them. But a careful and extended examination with the lens of learners and learning will reveal why that does not work.

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