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What’s in a name (card)?

Posted on: September 25, 2014

I like meeting new people at conferences and that comes with the baggage of giving and receiving business cards.

I spoke at Educon Asia’s 6th Higher Education Summit yesterday. For the first time in a long time I could not give my NIE business card away. So I made my own.


I wanted to simplify a business card because I find that they contain too much information. I also wanted to add an element of playfulness to my cards.

Most people hand out and take business cards like a reflex action. Most cards end up in the trash (I scan mine). Perhaps a card that stood out was more likely to be retained.

If someone is serious about contacting you, they only need your phone number or your email address. But these are personal information that vendors and companies collect and sometimes abuse. So I left those out.

To allow folks to contact me, I added the QR code that leads to this blog. If they do not know how to scan a QR code, I have enough social presence that Googling me results in my blog and Twitter accounts at the top. Once there, folks can contact me. It is especially easy through the Contact page of this blog.

I considered leaving the QR code out because the design would have been even cleaner. Folks would have to play a simple search game to contact me. But a QR code would encourage them to use a mobile device.

By sending people on a search or a mobile quest, I could get them to experience two of the many things I promote. Those that do not try are not serious about reaching out, so my cards are a filtering mechanism.

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