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Flipcon survey results

Posted on: September 20, 2014

I reached out to #edsg after learning that a contact of mine was thinking of organizing a flipcon (conference on flipped classrooms/learning).

I prepared a quick survey because I believe in making data-informed decisions and not just gut feel or good intent. Thankfully 43 generous folks participated.

Here are some answers summarized in visual form. Click on the image below for a larger version.


Almost three-quarters of the respondents said they would attend a flipcon, but most were not willing to pay much for it.

My guess is that most teachers do not realize how much it costs to fly in and host speakers, rent a venue, and cater for the event. Most teachers here also do not have to pay for their professional development if their school principal gives approval to attend the event and make claims. This might sound harsh, but this is a reality that many teachers are not aware of and a privilege that they have that many teachers elsewhere do not.

I was pleasantly surprised that almost two-thirds of the respondents said they would rather attend a hybrid conference. This would be an excellent way to model flipping and to design for better interaction during the conference.

Sadly, two thirds would rather attend to learn instead of sharing. This might be because they have not flipped, are not confident about sharing, or fear the impact of sharing.

If fear is what is stopping them from sharing, we have a bigger problem than to flip or not to flip. Part of the value system of flipping is the sharing of ideas and resources openly to keep this ground-up movement going forward.

I would also like to reply to some comments and questions raised in response to the open ended question.

While a lot of us are certainly keen to share, to present at an event typically makes us put in a lot of time and effort. So perhaps to reduce the kind of stress, it can be an unconference where the theme is to share about struggles, so it needn’t be too formal and stressful. Just a thought… =D

I agree. I even mooted the idea that if the flipcon does not happen that we band together and organize our own unconference!

I would like to know about the failures. Often conferences only focus on the spectacle of the successes without highlighting the initial failures.

Again, I agree. That is why I phrased one of the questions: Would you be keen on sharing your flipping journey/struggles at the event?

How much time the pre-conference would take. [sic]

I am not sure what a pre-conference is.

Perhaps the respondent was thinking about the watching of presenter’s videos in a hybrid conference and then attending the face-to-face component. If this is the case, then my answer would be: As long as you wish because you watch what you want and interact with whom you wish.

After all, self-directed and independent learning is one of the desired outcomes of flipping.

Follow-up classroom activities after flipped content.

I must correct a misconception here. Far too many teachers think that flipping is only about what happens outside the classroom or focus their energies on that.

Flipping is about improving the quality of what happens inside the classroom. What happens in the classroom are not follow-ups; they are core to the process.

Question 4 should include an additional option “Perhaps in near future”

Question 4 was “Would you be keen on sharing your flipping journey/struggles at the event?” In order to gauge how many people would speak and share, this was a Yes/No question.

Perhaps in the near future is 1) non-committal, 2) does not actually help answer the question (would you share at the event), and 3) gives no clear indication of when.

CAN THE COST BE LOWERED? IM NOT WILLING TO PAY AT ALL 😦 is it applicable to all subjects?
Sigh. I do not want to get snarky so I am not going to say anything other than pointing out what I wrote about paying for the event.

I will reply to the question about academic subjects. Flipping is content neutral and can be applied even to meetings and conferences.

Oh, and watch the all CAPS. That means you are SHOUTING.

Have a nice day.

It would be awesome. Flipped learning is something that’s essential in education today and teachers need a platform to learn from one another.

Thank you. This is the kind of attitude and energy we need.

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