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Posted on: September 14, 2014

Here is a quick update for what must count as a busy fortnight for someone trying to drive in the slow lane.

On Friday, I had yet another visit to the hospital and a consult with a specialist only to find out that my ordeal is not over. I have at least two more weeks of medical treatment and a procedure when the two weeks is up.

My illness has forced me to slow down and that is a good thing. Thankfully I am not in much pain and am mobile enough to meet people. And that I did.

I met the core #edsg folks for our 2nd face-to-face monthly meeting. We have something juicy in store for our online community and followers. No spoilers here. Visit our wiki for information about #edsg.

I sent out a belated email blast last week to let some contacts outside my former workplace know that I had left. The mail was over a month late as I did not feel well enough in the weeks prior. Several responded and three asked to meet over coffee.

I am glad that I met them because I had wonderful conversations with these edupreneurs. I gained insights into self-employment, shared my ideas on projects they were working on, and opened doors to possibilities.

Then I found myself involved in a possible conference for flipped learning and a consulting role for research on the same. The first was a result of a coffee talk while the other was a text message from an ex-colleague.

Meanwhile I am preparing for a talk that I will give at EduCon Asia’s 6th Higher Education Summit later this month. I will also be part of a panel on MOOCs at the event.

I am keeping myself as healthy as I can so that I can literally stand up and deliver. Do not wish me luck. I do not believe in it. If you are good, you make your own.


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