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Sentiment and reality

Posted on: September 13, 2014

It is hard to argue with a sentiment like the one represented by the text in the image above. Every child should experience the joy of discovery at the start of his or her education.

The reality is that the natural ways of learning (discovery, play, curiosity) get drilled and squeezed out by the process of schooling.

There are many differences between schooling and education.

One is that schooling is about dealing with the masses; it is about enculturation and industrial-style quality control.

Education is more about nurturing the individual; it is about self-actualization and liberating each person from bias, ignorance, and selfishness.

We might start with schooling, but we should want to continue with education. The problem is that sentiment rarely meets reality. Kids are schooled more than they are educated. They only realize this when they start working. They then have kids who are likely schooled more than they are educated.

One way to break this cycle is to critically question what schooling is and to make real the ideals of education. If not, we are stuck with sentiment, a false sense of reality, and an unchallenged schooling system pretending to educate.

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