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Tossing ideas into #edsg

Posted on: August 22, 2014

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I am so thankful that the month of incense paper burning is almost over.

Come August in Singapore, folks who believe in Hungry Ghosts provide food offerings and burn incense paper in metal drums scattered across the heartlands and elsewhere. Despite the efforts to manage the burning, there will always be people who do not burn the paper in the designated space, and even if they do, the ash and smell goes everywhere.

But this reflection is not about the behaviour or the ill will that might result. What we do in #edsg on a daily basis is sometimes like the burning of Hungry Ghost incense paper.

If #edsg is a communal bin or drum, I wonder how many of us just throw thoughts, ideas, and URLs in only to see them burn and disappear into the night.

#edsg should be more about having deeper and meaningful conversations about those thoughts, ideas, and URLs. It is about being able to apply critical thinking to weak, untested ideas, or to ideas that seem steadfast but must be broken down.

It is about being wrong or vulnerable, but bouncing back from that and becoming a more educated person.

Being a participant in #edsg is not about tossing ideas mindlessly or carelessly into the mix. It is about wanting to share with and develop a community of critical thinkers and active change agents.


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CHAN Hsiao-yun 曾曉韻: RT @ashley: Somehow this old blog entry got an unusual number of hits after we intro’d #edsg at #educampsg…. via


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