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A little bit special

Posted on: July 24, 2014

Several years ago, I listened to a comedic musician by the name of Stephen Lynch. His songs are very politically incorrect and he sings what most people would not even dare think.

Video source

One of those songs is Special which contains the phrase “a little bit special”. If you have never heard Lynch, you might want to lynch him.

Having a special need is no laughing matter though. Not only do you have what most would consider a handicap, you are also likely to be marginalized or even ostracized.

But not everyone with a special need is brought up to think they are inferior. Some are even labelled savants, like Stephen Wiltshire.


Wiltshire is autistic. He was in Singapore to draw our skyline from memory. Read more about Wiltshire’s visit here and here.

The press coverage of Wiltshire’s visits led me to three tangential thoughts.

What if his ability was normal and we are actually subnormal and underperformers?

In some places, Wiltshire’s autism would have kept him in the handicap special box and hidden from view. In others, he would be labelled superhuman with his ability and shown off.

We are all special despite what our one-size-fits-all schooling tells us. We need to break out of the mindset we have been schooled in. We are all valuable even though not all of us will be famous. We need to learn to ignore what society, our peers, and maybe even some of our parents tell us to see how special we are.

We are all a little bit special.


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