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Sweeping statements

Posted on: July 8, 2014

STonline tweeted a sweeping statement and took a screencapture of a Fine Bros Kids React To video.

I watch this series every week and Dylan (pictured above) is a regular. He was one of the kids who knew what a Game Boy was. In fact, he owned one.

The generalization that kids do not know what that 25-year-old game technology was is simply not true. Some kids do not know what a Game Boy is, but that does not mean all of them do not.

Just as untrue is that all kids are somehow technically savvy.

Kids are kids. If unbridled, most normal kids are curious, fearless, and capable of learning by doing. We actually teach them to not ask questions, be fearful, and wait for cues.

Kids are not innately tech-savvy. They are just natural learners.

Which sweeping statement are you more inclined to get behind? STonline’s tweet or my reflection?

This blog entry might get as many views as current retweets of STonline’s tweet. But it will struggle to be commented on and shared on social media because it is not conventional wisdom. And there is something wrong with that…

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