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Responses driven by ignorance and fear

Posted on: June 29, 2014

My open letter to #edsg lurkers received more retweets and reposts than replies on Twitter.

That is part of the problem. It is easy to republish something and not actually say or do anything. I can only hope that I am being premature in my judgement and seeing if people come back next Tuesday night to chat online.

There were just two Twitter responses.

One response referred to Twitter as a means to “enslave” while discussion forums were available “anytime-anywhere”. I do not see how any communication tool traps or enslaves unless you let it. That is like blaming bad human behaviour on technology instead of examining the people who use them.

Another was about the open discussion on Twitter being monitored and participants fearing reprisals. I live in a democracy and the 21st century and not in a police state during the Inquisition. The things we discuss and the tone we use are what bring educators forward and make us vibrant.

One response was driven by ignorance and the other by fear. These are the very things that #edsg chats can drive out by having open conversations.

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[…] Responses driven by ignorance and fear […]


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