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An appeal to #edsg lurkers

Posted on: June 25, 2014

One thing that never ceases to simultaneously impress and disappoint me is the disproportionate number of lurkers over participants in online chats like #edsg.

The ‘live’ #edsg chats on Tuesdays from 9pm to 10pm in June have been very quiet. I know because I have been participating despite being in Sweden and Denmark for the first two weeks of the month. We have been reduced to about three to five usual suspects. I think I referred to us as monkeys in the barrel that is our echo chamber.

I shared this yesterday:

I thought I should make my calculation of the 73% figure more transparent. So I revealed my sources in a Google Doc and tweeted at the end of the #edsg chat:

Before I had the chance to close the Google Doc, I noticed that there were 25 anonymous viewers of the Google Doc.

I know teachers need, want, and deserve a rest during the June vacation. But is an hour too much to set aside? Are a few timely or meaningful tweets and questions too difficult to share?

A community lives or dies by its members. It goes into a coma if members start to stand by and just watch. Only you can bring it (back to) life. Only you can make #edsg trend each week again.

But there is a lot more at stake here than just numbers. Trending is a relatively unimportant measure. I think #edsg is a weekly litmus test of how much educators here are passionate, independent thinkers, and connected with others.

Have your say. Leave your mark. There is more at stake than you think. Be a regular part of #edsg.


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