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DIY education

Posted on: June 23, 2014

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This girl started drawing raptors at the age of two. She has moved on to aliens, dinosaurs, and Iron Man. She wants to be a professional in this field and few would argue that she lacks the talent to do this.

A standardized schooling is unlikely to serve her needs. She has also pointed out that she does not have the opportunities to hone her craft the traditional way. Instead she has learnt tips and tricks online.

Her approach is not unique. STonline just released an article on how professionals like photographers, chefs, crafters, and music instructors are doing the same.

The cynic might say that the truly exceptional will find ways to help themselves. An experienced educator will recognize that all kids are special and gifted in their own way. If they blossom, it is often despite their schooling, not because of it.

A one-size-fits-all philosophy and implementation cannot help. They must find their own way with YouTube videos, social media connections, and caring educators who know how to leverage on such systems. It is time to invest in just in time (JIT) and just for me (JFM) education.

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