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Quietly funny

Posted on: June 18, 2014

Warning: The following blog entry is not for the prude or those with sensitive dispositions. If you do not have funny bones in your body, look away.

I learnt a lot while I vacationed in Denmark. One of the things I learnt about the Danes is that they are quietly funny.

While walking about, I noticed these signs at eateries.

I did not find out what the balls were, but it should be quite obvious what the cocks and cows were.

While on a boat tour, the guide (and part-time comedian) described the Little Mermaid as popular among the Japanese because it was half sushi and half naked woman. Har-har!

The next one was not from a Dane, but a fellow tourist doing what Danes do.

As he cycled by, he complained loudly to his travelmate that the ride was “turning my balls into scrambled eggs!”

The cobbled streets certainly do a number of anything with wheels. Or anything round. I borrowed a poorly maintained camping bike for a ride around Billund and I can relate.

But I do not express myself as loudly or colourfully. I blog. I tweet. I laugh.

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