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Serendipity and arse luck 1

Posted on: June 9, 2014

I have reflected about serendipity several times, either about relying on it or even designing for it in life and in teaching.

I am currently on a family holiday in Sweden and Denmark thanks to serendipity.

Depending on where you go, the most expensive components of a trip tend to be airfare and accommodation. Prior to our trip, I researched the possibilities of trips to Dalat, Vietnam; Colombo, Sri Lanka; Perth and Adelaide, Australia; and a handful of other places.

In searching for airfares, I looked up Denmark partly on a whim and partly because my son is LEGO-mad. I chanced upon a killer airfare for my family with wonderful travel times (e.g., midnight departure, noon arrival).

The return ticket cost about S$900 per person on average (all taxes included). The price was comparable to a trip to Adelaide and way under the typical S$1400-1500 quotes I found elsewhere. It was even less than the “last minute” flight to the Philippines for my ICT mission. After reading the fine print, my wife and I jumped at the opportunity without even booking accommodations.

Shortly after booking the flight, I discovered that the international airport (CPH) in Copenhagen, Denmark, was separated from Sweden by the 16km Øresund Bridge. We could buy a family ticket on a high-speed train to south Sweden (Skåne) for just under S$40. We did just that and visited Malmö and Lund for three days before returning to Denmark.

The travel between countries was a mixed bag and I will write more about it in Part 2.

Serendipity is sometimes described as digging for worms but finding gold instead. As you read this, I am wriggling with the worms and enjoying the gold I have found in Scandinavia only because I took the chance when it presented itself.

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