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Facebook Friend-zy

Posted on: June 5, 2014

It has been a week since I presented at the PGCB conference in the Philippines.

At the end of my presentations at conferences, seminars, or workshops, I normally invite participants to connect with me on social media to keep conversations going.

I normally get a droplet or two by way of response. This is not a bad thing as only the most sincere make the effort to connect and converse.

But following my presentation in the Philippines last week, I experienced a stream of connections on Facebook. I call it a Friend-zy.

I rarely step into Facebook because of the mostly navel-gazing that happens there. People who know me well know that I prefer Twitter because I use it as a personal learning network and a means to amplify my messages. Thankfully several birds of a feather flocked to follow me there instead.

I stand by my closing message: If you cannot reach them, you cannot teach them. The Filipino teachers who are already on that platform want to share photos and thoughts, to say thank you, or to ask questions. So I will be there for them.

By doing this, I will not just walk the talk, I will also model processes for them to do the same with their students. Behaviours like these are often not taught. They are caught.

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