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How “old school” are you?

Posted on: June 4, 2014

Video source

I can relate to the video above and the one below.

Video source

Not only did I move from one screechy dialup modem to another for the Internet, I also had one for a pre-Internet service. Every minute online was precious because I was charged by the time spent online.

I also owned an Apple II computer. It was a fake one because the real ones were too expensive. I was a teenager then and I only had access to an Apple once a week in school because I joined a brand new computer club. I managed to convince my parents to get me one so that I could enjoy an Apple a day.

I had a flair for programming in Basic and loved customizing my own system start up interfaces. If I had made a decision back then to pursue that passion, I might be doing different work today. Or not.

Unlike the kids in the second video, I was not frustrated with an Apple II because it was the coolest thing back then. But their exasperation reminds me of how adults brush off the concerns of kids.

Their expectations are very different. They expect to touch and to get access straight away. They expect to connect to something or to someone in a very short amount of time. They learn this as quickly as their curiosities are satiated and activated in tight circles.

But we hold them back. Not always for good reasons like learning patience, delayed gratification, or critical analysis of what they find online. Instead we often hold them back because we fear the tools we do not understand and because we are rooted to the past.

As adults, we have every right to demand that kids respect their past. But that does not mean holding them back and not preparing them for their futures.

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